Wintering Portugal

The Monte Maravilhas estate in the southern part of the Alentejo is an ideal spot for wintering in Portugal. Especially if you like nature, quietness, and space. Thanks to the favorable geographic location the days are relatively long during the winter. Furthermore, the temperature is very agreeable with an average of 15 – 22 degrees Celsius during the day.

Even in the winter, the surroundings of Monte Maravilhas offer a variety of natural beauty and lots of possibilities for spending the day outside. You can take beautiful walks, have lunch on the terrace outside or spend your day at the beach; even during the winter, it’s a lovely place to stay! In the cooler evenings, the cozy wood burner in your holiday home will provide you with a comfortable warmth!

Wintering in Portugal at Monte Maravilhas is possible from November until March. For wintering in Portugal we can offer you very reasonable prices. The exact prices can be found here.

Beautiful nature

The winter is a very pleasant period for walking. Wintering in Portugal offers you beautiful and varied nature. The fields are covered with little yellow flowers and from December until March you can pick fresh oranges and mandarin oranges in the valley of Monte Maravilhas.

In January and February when the mimosa blossoms, everywhere in nature is extremely green. From January you can see little lambs in the meadows and white storks returning to their nests. Early spring starts in February/March when the lavender and other colourful flowers start to blossom.

Celebrations and festivals

Of course we celebrate the usual traditional parties such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve during the wintertime. We celebrate Carnaval as well. In March there is a annual festival in Beja with music and a regional market with agricultural and handicrafted products.

Altogether there’s a lot to do and to see during the long months of winter. Therefore the Alentejo is a perfect place for wintering in Portugal!