Yoga Week in Portugal

Monte Maravilhas is the perfect location to treat yourself to a yoga week in Portugal. Amidst the beautiful nature that the Alentejo is offering you’ll learn to balance your body and mind through yoga and meditation. You are invited to make the inner journey. The yoga week is for beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

In the morning we start with breathing exercises, called pranayama. During the day we do yoga exercises, alternated with a refreshing dive in the swimming pool.

The whole program looks like this, although it can also be subjected to small changes if needed:

8.00: Morning yoga session/Pranayama
9.00: Breakfast
10.00: Free-time
12.00: Midday yoga session
13.00: Lunch
14.00: Free-time
18.00: Evening yoga session
19.00: Dinner

There will be one day that you’ll be going on a day trip. This means that the day will be looking a bit different. During this trip you can decide for yourself if you’d like to take lunch with you, but there will also be opportunities to go out and taste the delicious Portuguese kitchen. This last option is at own cost.

The yoga sessions will take place in the open air, on our meditation platform. This gives that you’ll be connected directly with nature. The platform itself has been build with wood and it’s creating a nice and peaceful environment to relax and pull back. Of course, during your free time you can use this platform as well if you’d like to continue your private practice.

If the weather is not suitable to do the sessions outside, there will also be a space inside available. Of course, during the summer months it rarely rains and you don’t have to worry that you’ll be doing yoga inside all day.

Rates Yoga Week

Monte Maravilhas is the ideal spot for a yoga week in Portugal. In the middle of the beautiful Alentejo nature you learn from Atul Mulji how yoga and meditation help you get in touch with your body and mind. The programme is for beginners and advanced students and includes an excursion to the coast.

Yoga Teacher

The lessons are taught by Atul Mulji,who is a yoga teacher and masseur. Almost 30 years ago he started practicing yoga in India. He has been trained at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center and followed several seminars and workshops. He runs a yoga and massage practice in Lisbon, Portugal.

We couldn’t think of anyone better than him to share his knowledge with you. He knows something about almost everything. During this week he’ll be guiding you in all kinds of different sessions. The main focus will be on yoga of course, but he knows all kinds of different  techniques that are related to yoga as well.

Practical Information

During your Yoga Holiday at our property you’ll be having lots of free time as well. This time you can use to integrate your yoga sessions that you’ve had during the week. Of course, you are free to do whatever you’d like, so if you’d like to go for a hike, relax at the pool, or go to the village to have a cup of coffee and be a part of the Portuguese culture.