Individual hiking Portugal

Hiking guide Monika Kessler: “You only really get to know Portugal by hiking, because you need to feel, hear, see and smell this country. You can enjoy the fragrance of flowers and experience the quietness in the changing landscapes.”

The area around Maravilhas is perfect for an individual hiking holiday. Alone, with your partner or with friends you can discover authentic Portugal on foot. Maravilhas has free route descriptions and maps for hiking trips in the area available for all guests. This way you can choose your own path during your individual hiking holiday.

The hiking tours offer fantastic panoramas and pass through various landscapes. You walk on goat paths and old sand paths alongside streams and lakes, in the middle of unspoilt nature to picturesque villages with local cafes. On your way you see orchards with strawberry trees, from which the famous Portuguese medronho is made.

Programme individual hiking holiday

All you need to book for an individual hiking holiday at Monte Maravilhas Portugal is a holiday house, caravan or camping spot. The content of your individual hiking holiday is then decided by yourself.

You can visit us all year for an individual hiking holiday. However, we advise against hiking in July and August, as the heat is too much. March offers a flower parade and nesting swallows and white storks. In June you can combine hiking with swimming and it is also the best time for cherries and peaches. September is harvesting time for, among others,  olives, grapes and figs. In December everything is very green and many fieldflowers and mimosa trees are blooming.

The available maps with route descriptions offer 9 day trips of 4 to 7 hours (approximately 14 km). The height difference is about 200 meters. Seven hiking trips are in the immediate vicinity of Maravilhas, one along the rugged Atlantic coast and one in the area of the Santa Clara lake.

Our hiking guide Monica Kessler is available on appointment to guide individual hikers.