Painting Holiday Portugal

A painting holiday in Portugal at Monte Maravilhas is a special experience. The rustic estate is a true inspiration with its hills, cork and fruit trees. The calmness and the tranquillity provide a good platform to get your creative process growing. It’s in this silence that you will be able to clear your mind and this will benefit your artistic work.

The painting course is taught by William Emans from The Netherlands, an expressive artist with years of experience in teaching, drawing, and painting. He’s a very sweet man that has a great love for the arts. This makes him ideal to teach for you. His approach is very soft and mild, which fits perfectly in the week you’ll be having. He’s always prepared to guide you and show you new techniques that will benefit your work.

During the painting holiday, we are inspired by the beautiful nature of the Alentejo: flowers and trees, the moon, starry nights, earth colours and grape smells and silence. With individual guidance you’ll learn to express yourself in a unique way via various drawing and painting techniques. The painting holiday is suitable for beginners as well as experienced artists.

William: “It is not about the result, but about the realization and getting in touch with your inner creativity.”


Are you looking for an active and creative holiday in Portugal? Look no further- Monte Maravilhas is the place for you. An active holiday Portugal is relaxing in a pleasant Portuguese atmosphere, with experienced teachers and shared meals. All our creative courses take place in the middle of the beautiful nature of Alentejo Portugal.

Practical information

The painting course will take place for a week which includes a stay at the Monte Maravilhas estate. Other things included are most of the basic material to create your piece of art, if you like to use very specific techniques you are welcome to bring material of your own of course. Besides that, you’ll be provided three vegetarian meals as well.

We start the day with meditation and perception exercises. This way you’ll tune in with your inner artist. It’s a great way to use this meditation time to reflect on what you want to create. After the meditation, breakfast will be ready. And after your meal it’s time to start the creating process.  The afternoons and evenings you are free to do what you want, you can decide if you’d like to work a bit more on your art pieces, or you can discover the area. There is also a pool available if you’d prefer to keep your afternoons a bit more relaxed.

This is what the schedule will look like, of course, there can always be minor changes to suit your needs:

8.00: Meditation
9.00: Breakfast
10.00: Painting
13.00: Lunch
14.00: Free
19.00: Dinner
20.00: Free

For more information about the painting course you can contact William Emans, tel. +31 615633751