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  • Posted by Tânia Simoes at zondag 25 august 2019 at 21:50

    We lived beautiful moments in Monte Maravilhas. It is a very special place.
    Prem you give value to my beloved Alentejo, thank you.

  • Posted by Carla caponi at zaterdag 26 may 2018 at 23:13

    Thank you Prem, we had a wonderful time in your beautiful land. Being in the house or walking around in the property has been good and relaxing. There is a special atmosphere made of serenity and beauty. Thank you again, we hope to be back again in the future. Carla and Maurizio

  • Posted by Maria Luiza Fontana at woensdag 5 october 2016 at 09:51

    estou procurando um lugar para dormir no próximo final de semana para o satsang do Mooji. Quais os tipos de acomodação vocês tem disponível?
    É possível acampar?? Obrigada.

  • Posted by Philippe at maandag 22 august 2016 at 10:27

    Many thanks to Prem, we spend a really nice time into maravilhas, we exactly what we expect, quiel, calm and beautiful place.

  • Posted by Bhagavati & Nirmayi at dinsdag 30 december 2014 at 10:23

    We first came to discover Monte Maravilhas whilst out walking, passing through on a couple of occasions. It was love at first sight. The location, nestled in Cork Oaks at the edge of Eucalyptus forest, is nothing short of perfect for us, and with the great facilities, in particular, the swimming pool, and many quiet places to sit in contemplation, it was easy to choose to stay there. We stayed on a prolonged visit, and during the past year, have enjoyed camping, caravan, and apartment accommodation at Maravilhas. Any accommodation we haven’t stayed in, we have viewed, or visited others as their guests there.

    The other guests that Maravilhas attracts are a pleasure to meet, and we have met many kindred spirits there along the way. Mostly quiet people like ourselves are drawn there, and yet there is such a beautifully warm welcome from all at Maravilhas.

    Meeting Prem has been such a joy. She treats all her guests so equally and fairly, and is most considerate of all their needs. She has provided good facilities for all types of accommodation there, and good communications also. She has a quiet, wise presence at Maravilhas, which is most welcomed by us.

    Most of all, we wish to thank Prem, for being kind enough to open up and share Maravilhas with others, because it is so beautiful there, it would be easy to choose to live there in peace alone. We are blessed to have this opportunity to share in such a place.

    We gladly recommend Monte Maravilhas to anyone who wishes to have some quiet time, to walk through forests, to contemplate, meditate, practice yoga on the beautiful yoga platform, visit the lakes of Alentejo, or the coast, or to attend Satsang with Sri Mooji, who lives just 2 km across the valley. A more perfect location we could not imagine.

    Thank you for making it all possible Prem Bodhi,
    Bhagavati & Nirmayi.

  • Posted by Sabine Paschedag at donderdag 14 august 2014 at 13:00

    Dear Prem,
    back home after the wonderful stay at Maravilhas. We enjoed our time and especially the massage very much. Looking forward to seeing you again and coming back to this special valley .
    thanks from Sabine

  • Posted by Lara und Tobias at donderdag 9 february 2012 at 12:56

    Juli 2011

    Liebe Prem,

    Es war eine unvergessliche Woche für uns. Die Ruhe und Einsamheit
    stand in einem wundervollem Kontrast zur Hektik de Grossstadt für uns.
    Bitte Dank dafür!
    Birgit und Dirk

    Der Pool und Tara waren toll, asserdem fand ich die Stille sehr schön.
    Das Essen bei Saskia war "yummie" (lecker).
    Lara und Tobias

  • Posted by Lucy at donderdag 9 february 2012 at 12:55

    March 2011

    Dear Prem

    I am so pleased to have stumbled across your website in my quest to
    find the perfect place to escape my busy life. It is so easy to forget
    about the things that really matter as you work every day and fill your
    time. Coming here has made me stop, rest and given me much needed time
    to think. Being so close to nature has been amazingly theurapeutic for me.
    I have enjoyed the few bursts of sunlight we've had. The rain which has
    encouraged us to sit by the fire. The beautifully bright stars and the
    noises of nature here,
    Thank you for providing this lovely space that has done such a good job
    in grounding me and reminding me what life is all about! Lucy.

  • Posted by Gemma at donderdag 9 february 2012 at 12:54

    March 2011

    Dear Prem,

    Wow- what a beautiful place this is. The peace and quietness that
    surrounds Maravilhas is breath-taking. I feel relaxed, well rested
    and so calm. Despite the rain during our stay we have still enjoyed
    the surroundings very much. Thank you so much for your warm welcome
    and hospitality- I am sure I'll be back,

    love Gemma

  • Posted by Mooji and Hari at woensdag 22 december 2010 at 18:01

    June 2010

    Beloved Prem

    Inspiration brought us to Portugal and inspiration brought us together with you. There is no doubt.
    Meeting you and coming to Maravilhas has been and is the sweetest introduction to this beautiful land and people of Alentejo.
    I feel you inside my heart like an old and primal friend. Your heart is pure love.
    "Awareness self, shining on the presence "I am" inside the cave of the Heart, whose fragrance is love, peace, wisdom and joy....
    Your light shines as this".

    Love and gratitude and lasting friendship,
    Om Mooji and Hari.