Who are we

Monte Maravilhas is supported by a team of friends who really care about this beautiful estate. I, Prem Zijtveld, am the owner and manager of Monte Maravilhas, aided by various volunteers.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands and after my education at the Sociale Akademie (Social Academy) I worked as a social worker for a couple of years. Afterwards I went on my way, realising a life-long dream of travelling around the world.

During my trip through India in 1980 I ended up at an ashram, where I first encountered meditation. After I followed the training in India I went back to Amsterdam and started a practice in holistic massage and rebalancing. In the Netherlands I provided individual treatments, courses and lessons.

The idea to live in Portugal was born when I first visited this beautiful country in 1986. The rhythm of life, the relaxed atmosphere, the space and the unspoilt nature remind me of my beloved India.

That said, it took me until 1997 to find this place... Monte Maravilhas, in southern Alentejo Portugal, is located in one of the last quiet areas of Europe. The rest is history.

Monte Maravilhas, Portugal

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