Group hiking Portugal

Hiking guide Monika Kessler: "You only really get to know Portugal by hiking, because you need to feel, hear, see and smell this country. You can enjoy the fragrance of flowers and experience the quietness in the changing landscapes."

The area around Maravilhas is perfect for a hiking holiday in Portugal. During our group hiking tours you meet likeminded souls and discover authentic Portugal at the same time.

The hiking trips pass through various landscapes. We walk on goat and sandy paths and take our time to enjoy the unspoilt and amazing panoramas. During the group hiking tours you will see beautiful natural areas in the country, picturesque Portuguese villages, lakes and streams and the untouched Atlantic west coast.

Group hiking programme

The group hiking programme entails 6 day trips of 4 to 7 hours (approximately 14 km). The height difference is about 200 meters. Four hiking trips are in the immediate vicinity of Maravilhas, one along the Atlantic coast and one in the Santa Clara lake area. We stay at Maravilhas. The programme includes breakfast, lunch (packed) and vegetarian meals.

Our group hiking Portugal guide is experienced as well as enthusiastic. Monika Kessler joined the Maravilhas team in 2002. She really knows the area, is sports-loving and very experienced in guiding hiking groups. She is a true hiker.