Newsletter October 2012

About us

The summer at Maravilhas has passed. We have enjoyed so many guests, who we have received here. The number of residents has extended. Devi, our hiking guide, lives in a big caravan on the hill. Sumeru from England and Célia from Portugal have come as volunteers. They like living at Maravilhas and decided to stay here for a long period. They are living in the small house Mula.

Up until now it was only possible to camp in the valley. Thanks to the new (second) camping building with shower, toilet and kitchen block it is now also comfortable to camp on the hill. With camper, caravan or tent. This makes camping in winter very attractive, because there is more sun on the hill than in the valley.

Activity weeks

We will have this year again a group hiking week at Christmas, from 22 – 29 December. In December nature is very green. Many trees like cork oaks, eucalyptus-, olive-, and orange trees never lose their leaves. The yellow mimosa starts to bloom this month, just like the small yellow flowers in the fields. We have breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice of just picked oranges. During daytime there is long light and the temperature is very pleasant with 15 – 22 centigrade. During night time it cools down, but it is great to sit at the wood stoves
and be cosy and warm.

Meditation & celebration is a special 4-day New Year event , from 29 December – 1 January. There will be a program with meditations, hiking and a swinging New Years party with music and dance.  Not loud fireworks, but a sky full of stars in a beautiful nature….

Tip: wintering at Maravilhas

Monte Maravilhas is a wonderful place to spend your winter in Portugal if you like peacefulness, space and nature. Thanks to the southern location days in winter are relatively long and the temperature is very pleasant. In  day time the average temperature is 15 – 22 centigrade.

Casa Amarela, Casa Azul and Casa Mimosa have special winter rates for guests who are staying with us for a minimum period of 2 weeks. These rates are valuable from November until April, Christmas holidays excluded. The winter months offer a varied nature and full possibilities of being outdoors and hiking. During the day you can have lunch on your terrace and in the evening the cosy wood heater gives pleasant warmth. Of course it is also possible to come with a caravan or camper to spend the winter here! Especially with the new possibilities to camp on the hill in the sun!

Guests of Maravilhas

“To participate at Maravilhas for the yoga holidays. This means first of all a very beautiful location with a lot of green, a pool, nice weather and above all a peaceful silence. Then the nice yoga sessions with Atul, the other nice participants of the yoga week and on top of it all the delicious food of John and taking care by Prem and Joanne.

The great stories by Devi with her fantastic memory and beautiful art of poetry gave the meals an extra glow. As for me a yogaweek at Maravilhas is an absolute recommender, if it was only to enjoy this beautiful paradise that you have created here!” Anne Lyn

“Life at Maravilhas was a yoga event with our powerful and funny teacher Atul! We laughed so much! But of course we also worked hard and reached a depth of relaxation and spiritual experience, which I will take with me. And then Maravilhas itself, the caretaking, the attention which was giving by Prem and the team to the estate and us is special and very pleasant. It was great, like I said upon arrival: I will not regret this.” Els

You also feel like a relaxing yoga week in delicious Portugal? The next yoga week will be from 15 – 22 June 2013.

Friends of Maravilhas

For everybody who has already participated in an activity week, John is a well-known at Maravilhas. He is the man who always cooks during the activity weeks. And he is very good at it. As previous owner and cook of a vegetarian restaurant in Groningen, the Netherlands, he is very experienced. He is very creative in preparing the most delicious meals. Recipes are the secret of the cook, but as an exception we give you the recipe of a delicious burger.

Vegetarian burger

75 g carrot, grated thin
75 g old cheese, grated thin
6 table spoon = 60 g fine oat flakes    

1  egg    
1 ½ tea spoon chilli pepper    
1 ½ tea spoon  thyme       
wheat flour
sunflower oil    

Mix the grated carrot and cheese with the flakes, the egg and the spices. Knead all ingredients well.  Shape into balls, press them flat and turn them in the flour. Fry the slices in a frying pan with hot oil until they are brown on both sides. Have a nice meal! Enjoy!