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About us

Sebastien and Flora are going on holiday, so Esther will come to help us out. For the month of May, she’ll be a part of the team. Esther will come from Brabant in the Netherlands and she can’t wait to join us in our little paradise. Virendra is now manager so that Prem may take it a bit slower. She is still a busy little beaver, so you’ll often find her on the property. John (on the left in the image) has agreed to cook for the upcoming Hiking, Painting and Yoga Week! If you’d like to enjoy his delicious meals, there are still a few spots available.

Stargazing in Casa Mula

The Alentejo area is famous for its stunning starry nights. Because there is so little light pollution, you can even see the Milky Way every now and then. Because of the skylight that has been installed in Mula, you can now enjoy that view from the comfort of your own bed. Right from underneath your duvet, you can gaze at the stars. The skylight also makes the room much lighter during the day, which is nice in the winter. This also means that the house gets natural heating. And in the summer you can close the shades. The house is also better insulated now to keep the heath and cold inside the house. We’ve also put Casa Mula on our website, so that it’s easier to book.

Renovated bathrooms

After we renovated the bathroom in Amarela, it looked like a good idea to update our bathrooms in Mimosa and Terra. Not only do we have new showers now, but  the tiles were also renewed. This gives a more modern look to Mimosa. Our campers will also be pampered with two new showers. After a long, hot summer day it’s refreshing to take a shower before you jump into your tent or caravan.

Spring cleaning

Spring has arrived in Portugal. The flowers are blossoming again, the trees are in bloom and the sun is shining brightly. Here at Maravilhas, it means that the time has com to prepare everything for the summer season. Monica and Saska came to help us with the trimming of the olive trees and harvesting.  We have brined them and are now enjoying our home-grown olives!

The vegetable garden has been planted with tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, and more. The plants are now thriving under the sunshine and rain showers we receive during the springtime. Soon we’ll be able to feast on our own vegetables, just like we did the previous years.

Unfortunately, we had to cut down dead trees, however, we made a pile of firewood from of them. We’ll be able to use those branches in our wood stoves next year. Our neighbor came by with one of his big machines to split the wood, which made the pieces small enough to fit in the stove.

Train station re-opened

The train station at Amoreiras-Gare, a town located 5km from our village, wasn’t accessible for passenger trains. Because of the popularity of this area, they finally decided to open the train station again.  In the morning there is a train going from Faro to Lisbon that returns again in the evening. This makes it easier for our guests to visit the capital for a day. One can now enjoy the beauty that Lisbon has to offer and at the end of the day return to the peace and serenity of Maravilhas. For more information about the schedule you can visit:

Social Media

We’ve recently opened an account on Instagram, and our Facebook page is more active than ever. We regularly post pictures of the activities here at Monte Maravilhas. We also love it when guests send us their holiday snapshots to give their perspective of Maravilhas. If you’ve got pictures for us, please send them to And of course, our newsletter will continue to keep you updated with the latest happenings.

Massage Week from 1-8 June 2019

In the fast paced world of today meditation is essential to achieve inner peace. By meditating you ease the tension in your body and get in touch with yourself. Via massage you can come in contact with the other.

The peaceful Monte Maravilhas is the ideal location for a massage course. During the massage course Portugal, amidst the beautiful nature of the Alentejo Portugal, you learn how to balance your body and mind.

We start every day with meditation. Here you will learn various meditation techniques. Afterwards you learn how to perform a holistic massage with amongst others, joint relaxation, deep muscle and tissue massage, energy work, breathing and movement. The massage Portugal course is taught by Prem Zijtveld, owner Monte Maravilhas.

Since 1990 Prem runs a massage & rebalancing practice, where she offers individual treatments and supervises courses. She has worked for many years for the Akademie voor Massage & Beweging (Academy for Massage & Movement) in Amsterdam.

Daily schedule: 

08.00 h.: Meditation

09.00 h.: Breakfast

10.00 h.: Massage

13.30 h.: Lunch

19.00 h.: Diner

Painting Holiday on Monte Maravilhas from 8-15 June 2019

A painting holiday in Portugal at Monte Maravilhas is a special experience. The rustic estate is a true inspiration with its hills, cork and fruit trees.

The painting course is taught by William Emans from The Netherlands, an expressive artist with years of experience in teaching drawing and painting.

During the painting holiday we are inspired by the beautiful area of the Alentejo: flowers and trees, the moon, starry nights, earth colours and grape smells, silence and crickets chirping. With individual guidance you learn to express yourself in a unique way via various drawing and painting techniques. The painting holiday is suitable for beginners as well as experienced artists.

William: “It is not about the result, but about realisation and getting in touch with your inner creativity.”

Daily schedule:

08.00 h.: Preparations

09.00 h.: Breakfast

10.00 h.: Painting/Drawing

13.30 h.: Lunch

14.30 h.: Free time

19.00 h.: Diner

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