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Flora arrived from Argentina last spring. Her friend Sebastien from Belgium came to visit once, and both got a taste for Maravilhas. Together with Prem, they now form the Maravilhas team. Sita is our newly arrived dog. The cat of our neighbor Cesare gave birth unexpectedly under the terrace of Casa Amarela, giving us our 2 new black cats, Poekie and Shanti.

In the course of the year, Hugo made new gates in the fencing of the land, a doghouse for Sita, and wooden boxes in the vegetable garden. The bathroom of Casa Amarela was renovated and the caravans got new gas heaters. Cesare and Lars helped cut down large trees, cutting them into pieces of firewood for the stoves.

On July 24, Prem’s birthday was celebrated, as is traditional at Maravilhas, with friends and guests while enjoying a snack, a drink, and live music.

New signs and map

Rachel, who has been volunteer here for a while, has painted signs with great care and accuracy. When you arrive on the land you are greeted with a new welcome sign, a little further and you will find a sign that leads you to the reception. The parking is also marked clearly for where you can leave the car during your stay in Maravilhas. The kitchen and sanitary facility at the top also has a new sign, Lakshmi. And we renamed the Yoga platform, it’s now called the Meditation platform.

And that is not all that Rachel has done. She also ensured that you cannot get lost on the property by creating a map of Maravilhas site. A map is now available in each information folder showing the route to the village, windmill and Monte Sahaja. Also, hiking trails within Maravilhas are marked on the map, for the curious ones who would like to discover the whole terrain!

Meditations on the platform

Last summer, the meditation platform was used extensively. Azima, a good friend of Prem, regularly gave active meditations of Osho and yoga sessions, along with Virendra. And of course, yoga lessons with Atul took place during the yoga weeks. More information about these weeks can be found in our newsletter.

During the sultry evenings of summer, we often gathered to celebrate a birthday, watch a movie and even the football (with a refreshing beer in hand). It is like an open-air living room with the two benches that we place there during the summer. Then during the winter months, the platform is used as a drying place for laundry!

Hiking trail of Rota Vicentina and our own hiking trails from Monte Maravilhas

In the summer of 2012, two new hiking trails were opened by the Rota Vicentina Association in the Alentejo in Portugal: the 310 km long Rota Vicentina. Inland and parallel along the west coast from Porto Covo to Sagres. A great success and now the hiking routes have been extended. One of the so-called domestic “circular routes” includes the Santa Clara lake and since spring, another around our village São Martinho das Amoreiras. This last route also crosses the Maravilhas terrain.

Now you can also start this route from Maravilhas. Next year the route will be officially inaugurated, and so they’re currently fully engaged in testing the route. Would you like to help? Visit their website and send them an email to request the route on your phone, see:

In addition, at Maravilhas we have our own hiking trails, starting from the reception area. We have seven routes, mapped out by Nienke and Piet. These routes are unknown to the general public, making them very quiet. 

You can walk on goat paths through beautiful valleys and hills, with marvelous views. The hikes vary from 7 to 17 km with variations in altitude of 100–400 meters, taking you through authentic Portuguese villages, offering places you can eat and drink if you choose. Two hiking trails are slightly further away, one on the west coast and one in the area of the Santa Clara lake; also highly recommended walks!

New restaurants in São Martinho das Amoreiras and Reliquias

Our village is always developing. Renovations for the new restaurant Casa Nirvana are progressing well and soon we hope to be able to eat delicious pizza and other dishes there. In this project facilitated by our neighbor, the village community and guests of Maravilhas both have a great opportunity to dine out in a nearby restaurant. It’s very tastefully decorated with an eye for detail. The opening date is not yet written in the stars, but we feel it’s approaching soon, as the finishing touches draw close!

Another novelty is the restaurant in Reliquias, ‘A Onda.’ They not only offer tasty vegetarian meals, but you can also enjoy monthly dance parties there. In addition, they offer many other cultural activities, with the proceeds often going to a good cause, see their Facebook page for further info at

Market on 1st Saturday of the month in São Martinho das Amoreiras

A new market has been added since last spring. On the first Saturday of every month, you can now find a market in the village, offering all kinds of local products. A real feast for fans of such markets. The market offers an alternative atmosphere, which makes it all the more attractive! Enjoy chatting as you wander down the street from stand to stand, drinking a nice cup of Indian chai with your neighbors or friends. It’s a popular gathering, with many people from the neighborhood, and always ends with live music.
There are many other markets in the region, selling clothing, household goods, regional products, etc. each month:
São Teotonio: 1st Monday
Castro Verde: 1st Wednesday
São Martinho: 2nd Thursday
Brunheiras: 2nd and 4th Saturday
Santa Clara: 3rd Saturday
São Luis: 3rd Sunday
Santana da Serra: 12th day

Irish wedding at Maravilhas

Ashleigh and Jason, you might know them. They’ve worked here on the team for a long time. In the spring they gave each other the yes-word. Of course a big party is part of every good wedding, and the Irish do it very well! Every day, live music was played at Maravilhas, from singing of mantras to the typical Irish songs.

Yoga weeks at Maravilhas

For a yoga week in Portugal, Monte Maravilhas is the ideal location. In the middle of nature in Alentejo, you learn through yoga and meditation to connect with body and mind. We invite you to make this inner journey. The yoga week is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. Classes are held on the meditation platform, located on the hill, with beautiful views. Aqua balancing sessions are held in the swimming pool.

We start in the morning with breathing exercises, called pranayama. During the day we do yoga exercises, alternating with a refreshing dip in the pool. The program also includes a trip to the west coast.
The programme includes:

08.00 hrs, pranayama
09.00 hrs, breakfast
12.00 hrs, yoga
13.30 hrs, lunch
17.30 hrs, yoga
19.00 hrs, dinner

The yoga weeks are led by Atul Mulji, a yoga teacher and masseur. In 1978 he began practicing yoga in India. Atul trained at the International Sivananda Yoga Center and has a yoga and massage practice in Lisbon, Portugal.

Experiences of participants:

“Life in Maravilhas was a yoga affair with our powerful and funny teacher Atul, how we have laughed !! But of course also worked very hard and reached depth, experience relaxation and spiritual experiences that I have taken with me. And then Maravilhas itself, the care, the attention paid by Prem and her staff to the land, to us is special and very nice. It was crazy, I immediately said on arrival: ‘I do not regret it!’”

— Els.

“Monte Maravilhas is a wonderful place to remember. It is quiet and beautifully situated. The ideal place for a special yoga week led by Atul Mulji. Yoga, walking and relaxing by the pool and delicious meals in between. Prem and team: thank you very much for the hospitality.”

— Yvonne and Corrie.

Dates of the next yoga weeks: 8–15 June and 14 –21 September 2019.


Tip: Christmas hiking week 22–29 December 2018

The Christmas hiking week at Monte Maravilhas is a week full of hikes through the beauty of nature, with good food, with relaxing times spent by the log burner, enjoying a glass of mulled wine.There is still space to join this hiking week.

There are still a few spots available!

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