Beaches of the Alentejo

Although Maravilhas isn’t positioned on the coast, it sure is worth paying a visit. From Maravilhas you can drive on the quiet roads that the Alentejo has to offer. And if you get thirsty, there are many bars to visit to drink a coffee on the road.

The beaches we’re going to mention down here are all located between, or near, Zambujeira and Milfontes. These two towns are about 45 minutes away from Maravilhas.

Here are our Top 5 beaches that you must see when you visit the Alentejo!

Praia das Furnas

This beach is located right across the beach town of Milfontes. This beach is unique as this is the river mouth of the Mira. This makes that the beach of Furnas and the town of Milfontes are divided by this river. And that makes that you have the option between swimming in the ocean or the stream. Because the Atlantic Ocean can be unpredictable at times, it’s nice that you can go with your children into something calmer than the sea.

If your belly starts to rumble or your mouth gets a bit dry, then this might be the ideal time to go for a snack or a drink. At Furnas, there are two beach bars available. One is called the O7 Ocean Drive Beach Club, this establishment is managed by a Dutch guy from Amsterdam, which you will notice on the flag that is always present near the bar. During the summer, this bar also rents lounges and sunshades, for those who don’t like the sand that much. In the bar itself, you can drink some delicious smoothies or have a quick bite to eat.

A little bit further there is a restaurant, which is called Oasis. In this establishment, you’ll have more options, for those who are hungry. The food you’ll find here is typically Portuguese inspired. And while you eat, you can enjoy the view on the river Mira and Milfontes.

If you are a bit done with the beach for that day, you can easily get into the car to proceed with your trip to Milfontes. Here you’ll be able to do a little shopping, eat ice cream, or have a bite to eat.

Praia do Malhão

When you drive about 10 kilometers above Milfontes, you’ll find the beach of Malhão. It’s a vast beach and it offers a great opportunity to hike on. The only disadvantage you have on this beach is the absence of facilities. When you decide to go to this beach, it’s highly recommended to take a cooler with you with some beverages and food inside.

Of course, when there are no bars available, it also means that it’s not so attractive for families with young children. That makes this beach a nice and quiet beach.

On most parts of the beach, it’s mandatory to wear beach suits, however, there is a small part where clothing is optional. In the summer makes this an ideal spot if you don’t like to be laying with a crowd.

Zambujeira do Mar

In the area of Odemira (which is also a nice bigger town to visit) you’ll find the beach of Zambujeirja. This picturesque beach town is a must-see when you visit the West-coast. It’s ideal to do with the whole family as you can visit the beach and if you are hungry, there are a lot of options to have lunch or dinner. 

Every year in August you’ll also find the Sudoeste festival. This is a big festival in Portugal. This means that it will be a bit busier during the summer season in Zambujeira. However, if you like to listen to live music from great artists, you can decide to go for a couple of days and stay at Maravilhas afterward to enjoy the quiet.

Zambujeira is also great to do some hiking. The Rota Vicentina passes here and if you walk north, you’ll find a very nice bay where you can eat something.

Praia do Tonel

For the adventurers among is this beach is an absolute must. It’s not so suitable to do with your children, which makes it attractive for people who’d like to have some serenity.

The beach itself lies in between twee cliffs. There are no steps available, so you’ll have to climb down a bit. Luckily they’ve tied down a rope where you can hold on to for your security. There is a parking lot, which makes it easy to drive up there. Even if you don’t like to climb down, you’ll be able to enjoy the astonishing views up on the cliff.

There are no facilities available, and it’s not so pleasant to walk down with a cooler in your hands. So, make sure that you have the absolute basics with you before heading to this beach.

Praia do Carvalhal

Another wondrous beach to visit is the beach of Carvalhal. This beach is shielded by two cliffs, which means that there is not always that much wind. And the ocean isn’t always that rough. Besides that, there is a little stream going into the ocean. This makes it the ideal place to visit with your whole family. While you enjoy watching and listening to the waves, your kids can play in the shallow stream.

There is also a small beach bar available at the beach. 

When you hike a little bit upwards at the South-end of this beach you’ll also see a small animal park. You can’t enter it, but there are all kinds of animals that will greet you when you walk by.


This was it for the first blog post of Monte Maravilhas! These are the 5 beaches which we recommend and where you’ll often find us during the summer. Of course, there are a lot more beaches to find at the West-coast. 

If you do have a suggestion yourself, and maybe some pictures to share, let us know through our facebook face or via e-mail!