Massage Portugal course

In the fast paced world of today meditation is essential to achieve inner peace. By meditating  you ease the tension in your body and get in touch with yourself. Through massage you can come in contact with the other person.

The peaceful Monte Maravilhas is the ideal location for a massage course. During the massage course in Portugal, amidst the beautiful nature of the Alentejo Portugal, you learn how to balance your body and mind.

We start every day with meditation. Here you will learn various meditation techniques. Afterwards you learn how to perform a holistic massage with amongst others, joint relaxation, deep muscle and tissue massage, energy work, breathing and movement. The massage course in Portugal is taught by Prem Zijtveld, owner and manager of Monte Maravilhas.

Since 1990 Prem runs a massage & rebalancing practice, where she offers individual treatments and supervises courses. She has worked for many years for the Akademie voor Massage & Beweging (Academy for Massage & Movement) in Amsterdam.

Practical information

The massage course in Portugal consists of one week which includes your stay and (vegetarian) meals at the Monte Maravilhas estate. Also included within this week are the materials you’ll be using during the massages, massage table, towels, etc. Of course, if you’d like to use your own lotions or oils, you’re welcome to bring these as well.

This is what the schedule will look like. Of course, there can always be minor changes to suit your needs:

8.00:   Meditation / Relaxation Exercises
9.00:   Breakfast
10.00: Massage Techniques
13.00: Lunch
14.00: Free
19.00: Dinner
20.00: Free

During your leisure time you are free to use the facilities that are available at Monte Maravilhas. If you’d like, you can also go out and discover the beauty that the Alentejo has to offer. You can visit the small villages, the beautiful beaches, or the dams.